Ayurvedic Massage Sydney

Engulfing the miraculous healing properties of ancient health science, Ayurvedic Massage Sydney therapies are conducted by using warm herbal oils according to the body type (body constitution) and health condition of the patient. The Ayurveda Parramatta focus more on marma points in your body which the key points of the body. It balances the doshas in your body which are responsible for a person’s mental, physical, and emotional health according to the ancient scripts of veda. Ayurvedic Massage Therapies in Sydney are helpful in many health condition and helps to increasing blood circulation level, strengthening the lymphatic system, relieving pain and purifying your body thus working as the best preventive measure. There are different types of Ayurveda Parramatta therapies among which the main five types are as follows

1.    Abhyanga

Ayurvedic Massage Sydney is a full body massage therapy conducted by applying hot herbal oils to the body of the client. It mainly focuses on the pressure points of the body that helps maintain the circulation of blood and the release of toxins. The pressure points control different functions of the body and according to the medical condition of the client, the hot herbal oil is individually and precisely prepared for that purpose.

  • It helps with the calmness of the nerves.
  • Strengthens the bones, muscles, and joints
  • Provide nourishment to the whole body
  • Helps maintain the circulation of blood flow
  • Relax the body and increase stamina ultimately helping sleep better

2.    Shirodhara Massage

It is a holistic approach to body massage mainly including the skull region of the person. In this type of Ayurveda Parramatta, a continuous flow of herbal oil is poured on the head region ultimately providing the healing effect to the whole body Great for Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, headaches and greatly enhance the focus and clarity

3.    Udvartana Massage/ Ayurvedic Herbal Powder Massage.

This is the type of Ayurvedic Massage Sydney in which herbal powder is used instead of herbal oil. This massage greatly helps the person with excess body fat ratio in fat loss and detoxification.

  • Helps in Weight loss process
  • Detoxify the body
  • Greatly increase the circulation of blood
  • Improves the muscles and cleans the skin
  • Improves the movement of joints ultimately relaxing the body

4.    Pinda Sweda Massage/ Herbal pouch Massage/ Potli Massage

Pindasweda is one of the most important Ayurvedic massage therapies used in Panchakarma. During the treatment, various parts of the patient’s body are uniformly massaged with a linen (filled with herbs) bundle called kizhi dipped in a medicated oil and perform massage on whole body or specific area to be treated.This treatment is prescribed for a variety of ailments, especially for disorders related to Vata deficiencies and aches and pains.

5.    Pizhichil / Dhara massage.

Pizhichil Ayurvedic massage uses a special vessel for applying warm oil on the body named Kindi. The oil vessel is placed just above the body precisely a few inches according to the health condition of the patient which generates heat and causes the necessary perspiration needed for Vata dosha stability. All Ayurvedic massage relieves the stress from the body and provides the inner body balance commonly known as chakra balance. Different herbal oils are used according to the specific health condition of the patient’s body.